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Blue Eye Trevalla - Fillets


Considered one of the finest dining species, this superb darling of the restaurant trade will not disappoint.

Each fillet is sold with the skin on for convenience when cooking. The large, succulent flakes are firm, white, and deliciously sweet. 

Our Blue Eye is hook caught, meaning each fish comes aboard individually and is handled with the utmost care. The drop line hooking method allows for targeted species-specific fishing, reducing bi-catch, as well as increasing efficiency and sustainability. Drop lining preserves the sea floor structure and is considered one of most environmentally friendly fishing methods globally. 

These frozen blue eye are boneless, filleted, packed and quick frozen on the same morning the fish arrives. The quality is guaranteed. 

Cooking Recommendations:

  • Grill or BBQ
  • Coat in egg & breadcrumbs before shallow-frying 
  • Bake

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