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NO ONLINE ORDERS AVAILABLE AT PRESENT. Our Opening hrs SMM - 8AM-4PM Wed, Sat & Sun. Fri - 8am-5pm. W/town hrs - 8am-3pm - Fri, Sat, Sun
Gem Pier Seafood

About Us

Over Five Generations

We are a generational fishing family that operate a small fleet of commercial vessels on the South coast of Victoria & West coast of Tasmania.

How we're different

We differ from other fishmongers because we catch a lot of the fish that we sell. This means we are in control of each step of the process from capture through to sale, ensuring quality and freshness.

We're passionate about sustainable fishing

We know the provenance of every fish and piece of seafood that we sell and our staff are always happy to share this with you.

Feel free to ask us how and where your purchase was caught.

We are passionate about Australian wild caught seafood & the sustainability of our resource and only sell products from well-managed responsible fisheries.

Our goal at “Gem Pier Seafood” is to deliver the highest level of customer service & satisfaction.


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